How to Use an Electric Grill Outdoors

When we hear or read the word grill, what is the very first thing that comes into mind? 

Indeed, many people would instantly give out a response like fish, chicken, charcoal, smoke, meat, roast, and barbeque. These mentioned responses can make anyone hungry. 

Going back to the answers, technically, they are all considered as correct as, well, they are all associated with grilling.

The first thing that comes to our mind upon reading those terms mentioned is an electric grill. After all, this is the very reason why we are here writing this article. 

Going Back to the Basics

Before anything else, are you here reading this because you are finally having that outdoor barbeque party for a get-together that your family and friends have been setting off for months or even years? 

Or maybe you have prepared a cozy romantic dinner set-up in your backyard and want to try grilling outside for the first time? 

Maybe you have soothed out the list of things to be prepared, from the outdoor decorations, drinks, ingredients, fun games to the people invited, but there is just one minor problem – you have no idea how to use an electric grill outdoors. 

If that is the case, or maybe not, keep calm and do not worry because we will still teach you how to use an electric grill outdoors. 

But before we dive deep into the course of electric grilling, let us first go back to the basics. 

Presence of Grilled Food: Where It All Starts

Over the years, most, if not all, get-togethers like a family gathering or parties would not be complete without the presence of grilled food. 

Grilling has become one of the traditions and a must-have when celebrating occasions or even simple food trips. 

What are the Different Types of Grills

Generally speaking, there are various and numerous types of grills up to date. 

The traditional grilling methods would have to include the gas grill and charcoal grill that each has its particular pros and cons. 

To give a short description of the traditional grills, gas grills are usually larger than charcoal or electric grills. They have limited portability as they require propane tanks, as well as gas hookups. 

Charcoal-powered grills are those that need charcoal and adequate space with open-air to cook. This classic method of grilling would have to be outdoor as it creates a lot of smoke, and food takes longer to cook than the other two grills. 

Throughout the years, the market and advances of technology have opened another room for another type of grill, the electric grill. This grill needs an outlet or electricity to operate but is considered the healthiest way to cook outdoors among the three mentioned types of grills.

What are the Types of Electric Grills 

Now, kidding aside, most people might be unknowledgeable of it, but various electric grill types are used for indoor and outdoor. 

Of course, from the word itself, indoor electric grills are used indoors, and outdoor electric grills are the type that is used outdoors, usually in the backyard. 

In this article, we will specifically only be tackling the usage of an outdoor electric grill. 

What are the Various Types of Outdoor Electric Grills

Before we formally learn how to use an electric grill outdoors, we first have to determine and keep in mind different types of outdoor electric grills to choose from. 

Various models and designs offer a variety of factors like size, grates, and power consumption. 

What are the Factors to Consider in Choosing an Electric Grill

In terms of size, most electric grills come in two various models – the tabletop and the free-standing. The tabletop model is suitable and recommended for households having two to five family members, and the free-standing model for households having more than five family members. 

In terms of cooking grates, an ideal electric grill should resist high cooking temperatures with resistance to damage. Cast iron and stainless steel are two of the well-known ideal grate options for an electric grill. Among the two grate options, studies show that the stainless steel option is considered to be better than the other because it is not associated and is resistant to rust and corrosion. 

In addition, with regards to the power consumption of an electric grill, one thing to note in choosing is its power rating or wattage. This wattage factor will influence the range of temperature. It tests how high the temperature can get because the higher the grill wattage, the hotter the temperature, and it affects the amount of time to cook food. 

How to Use an Electric Grill Outdoors

Keep in mind that although electric grills have an advantage over gas and charcoal grills, this advantage is that they can be used both inside the premises of our homes and outdoors. 

As mentioned above, electric grills only require electricity to operate, meaning they do not need charcoal nor natural gas and propane tanks.

Before attempting to use an electric grill outdoors, you may want to survey and check the place first where you are going to use it.

Make sure that there is adequate space and an outlet available to utilize an electric grill. You may want to use an extension cord if needed. 

How to Use a Char-Broil Electric Grill Outdoors

In a product review made by Electronic Hub, the Char-Broil Electric Grill was included and ranked third among the seven best electric grills that can be seen and bought on Amazon. 

In addition, Char-Broil is undeniably one of the oldest and well-known brands in the grill cooking industry and has had good product ratings in America – with it being America’s favorite grill brand since 1948. 

The brand offers a variety of electric grills. Their best seller would have to be their patio bistro electric grill with a cooking area of 320 square inches suitable for cooking for a large number of people simultaneously.

It also has a maximum raging 1600W power rating or wattage that can reach up to 35oF temperature when cooking. 

To use this Char-Broil electric grill, you can use it as any other electric grill. All you just need is an outlet and electricity for it to start cooking your food. 

What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Grill Outdoors

As stated above, using an electric grill is the healthiest way of cooking outdoors compared to using a charcoal grill or gas grill. 

In addition, electric grills are easy to navigate and utilize, cost-effective, and can heat up much quicker than the other two grills. 

Unlike the two, it does not emit harmful substances like carcinogens, and they do not require unsustainable gas fuels or propane tanks, which are bad for both the health and the environment.

Its portability is also an advantage as you can take it anywhere and be used both indoors and outdoors.