How to Wear Hiking Boots with Jeans

In today’s time, fashion has evolved to adopt an open-minded stance towards boundary-crossing pairings of accessories from distinct brands of styles.

The trends of today–these fashion statements–are, in fact, a  combination of these odd couple matches.

An example of this is the pairing of hiking shoes and jeans. Of course, who would have thought that wearing jeans and hiking shoes can be a casual sighting nowadays: be it in the streets, in your workplace, at your local grocery or coffee shop, and even in formal parties (that is if you can “rock” it effectively).

This is not just for the case of men who are usually seen in this attire. Women can also join this movement of the jeans and hiking shoe movement. Skinny jeans, in particular, can be an avenue for them to take part in this trend.

2021 has become the year where hiking boots are now a casual pair of shoes to wear in everyday life, particularly with jeans.

Well, before we unravel the answers to how to wear hiking shoes with jeans, whether you are of the male or female gender, we must first get to the basics of hiking apparel, whether you are going hiking or just trying a new outfit trend.

Hiking Boots and Jeans

Hiking boots usually come in high-top flat leather iterations. They are heavy-duty shoes that are typically worn, well, for hiking.

But what do you usually tread on while hiking? Well, a sloped, hilly terrain is generally rocky and may have streams you should cross. That is why hiking boots are built to be as sturdy as possible to support their users’ feet and ankle as they go on an uphill hike.

Because of this, hikers usually complement their hiking boots by wearing jeans which also offer a degree of protection from the environment they are walking. Jeans also grant hikers easier mobility while they are in the wilderness.

Hence, this combination of hiking boots and jeans has become the usual bottom wear we see our hiking friends wearing.

Wearing Them

So how does one wear hiking boots and jeans despite the apparent answer of actually getting in them?

Firstly, you must see that the length of the jeans you will be wearing fits your height.

If your pair of jeans are too long, then their bottom parts will be dirtied by dust, mud, or other stains. On the other hand, if the jeans are too short for your length, you cannot tuck them inside your boots, which is an essential aspect of the entire process.

In other words, to maximize your wearing of jeans and hiking boots, the length of your bottoms should not exceed your ankle, nor can it be above it. This is for reasons we will discuss in the next section.


As stated above, hikers pair hiking boots with jeans because the two of them can protect from the elements they are exposed to while on the trail. And along with protection from the elements also come protection from unwanted critters and parasites.

That is why there is an increased emphasis on tucking one’s jeans inside hiking boots, as this can offer you protection from parasites lying in wait for you.

An example of these critters to watch out for are ticks. Ticks are usually waiting for a host to jump on, particularly those treading on grassy terrains generally hiding. They can be very dangerous, as one bite from them can cause you Lyme disease.

The combination of your jeans tucked in your hiking boots can also protect you from leeches which are literal bloodsuckers! They are usually encountered on a rainy hike or while crossing rivers/streams.

Hence, whether male or female, hikers pair their hiking shoes with straight & slim-fit jeans whose lengths can cater to various heights. Moreover, these types of jeans are easier to tuck inside hiking boots.

Completing the Wear

Of course, you can’t just directly wear your straight & slim-fit jeans and your hiking boots. You also have to wear socks, for walking the whole day on those heavy-duty shoes can be a taxing endeavor.

But what type of socks are usually worn together with hiking boots and jeans, and how do you even wear them together?

For starters, one must not essentially forget to wear a pair of socks while wearing these types of boots.

More specifically, we encourage wearing thick socks inside your hiking boots, as these types of socks provide more cushioning and support than street-style ones. They are also designed to absorb/dry your foot’s perspiration.

Additionally, some hikers suggest wearing two layers of socks inside hiking boots. Their reason for this is that two layers of socks can help protect you from blisters, as well as those nasty ticks and leeches that can get inside your boots.

Compared to one layer of thick socks, a layer of two socks provide more warmth and prevents moisture buildup inside your boots.

So it is up to you which sock system you would apply while wearing hiking boots and jeans, or how to wear hiking boots with thick socks and jeans.

Just remember that before deciding on which one you would wear, it is best to make sure that the socks and your hiking shoes are a comfortable fit with each other, not too tight, or not too loose.

Women’s Section

For women who prefer not to hike but would like to emulate an outdoorsy look, the usual pairing of hiking boots and skinny jeans is a go-to choice for some.

So how do you wear flat hiking boots with skinny jeans? Or even those that are high-top leather ones?

Skinny jeans should only be paired with hiking boots strictly for stylistic purposes or if you would like to make a fashion statement.

To look more stylish and authentic, we suggest still tucking your skinny jeans inside your hiking boots. This can also provide you with more mobility compared to not tucking them inside your shoes.

When selecting the perfect hiking boots to go with your outfit, we suggest wearing short-height hiking shoes to your skinny jeans.

If you are going on a hike while in those skinny jeans, it’s best to go with a stretchable pair of those jeans. Non-stretchy skinny jeans can be a hassle, particularly for women, while going on a hike.

Lastly, women can also wear hiking boots while in a formal dress. You just need to see for yourself if the boots you selected look good with the dress you are wearing.

And of course, don’t forget those socks for protection against friction!