Should You Buy a Camping Toilet?

It seems that nowadays, camping toilets are getting more popular. For those who are already campers, there is nothing more comforting than the thought of being able to find and use a clean toilet every time they venture outdoors. Some would even consider it an investment in their overall camping experience. If you too want to experience the same comfort, take heed of these pros and cons before buying your own camping toilet.

For one thing, there are many types of camping toilets available in the market today. Some are small, hand-held units that can fit into the trunk of your car. These are perfect for short road trips and backpacking. You can also get water resistant and waterproof ones that can be used in wet climates. There are also ones that double as a shower cubicle, making it easier for those who like to take showers after a long camping trip.

However, it would be wise to choose one that has a high capacity. You don’t want to buy a camping toilet that only can hold a limited number of liters. Instead, opt for one that has a maximum capacity of at least five gallons. This way, you won’t have to refill the tank too often, which is very undesirable. And because most of them have tanks that can be attached on the ground or in a vehicle, these can be easily transported.

There are also public outhouses where you can have your camping toilet installed. There are many facilities that accept human waste, both excrement and solid waste. There is a fixed waste system where the operator inserts a plastic tube into the sewer line and collects the waste for disposal; these tend to be unhygienic and are not preferred by many. However, there are facilities that accept both human waste and solid waste. It depends on your preference, but it’s worth checking first before you select a public outhouse.

Another thing you should consider when buying camping toilets for your camper is the use of toilet paper. Most camper campsites have paper facilities where campers can collect their own. But bear in mind that not all campers will be able to bear the smell and texture of this paper. So, if you want your camper to last for a long time, buy one that comes with toilet paper.

One of the most important benefits of using a camping toilet is that it helps reduce the number of bathrooms in your camper. This means that your family can have more fun and stay dry during the trip. It also ensures that your kids are kept away from the risks of getting sick from insect bites or from the damp grounds. As a result, your camping trip will be more enjoyable. In addition, having a portable toilet means that your family can spend more time together as a group, especially during trips to enjoy the outdoors.

If you are planning to buy a camping toilet online, it’s always important to make sure that you check out the various options available before you make your purchase. There are many sites that sell portable camping toilets, but it’s a good idea to do some research before selecting one. You should know exactly what you need from a toilet, such as how much room it needs, whether it’s suitable for your needs and what brand offers the best price. Also, before you buy a portable camping toilet, you should consider how easy it is to assemble the toilet, its functionality, the cost and its durability.

A popular brand of camping toilet available in the market today is the Coleman Campsite Pro range. It comes in two main designs: the Flex Comfort Campsite and the Coleman Bonanza. The Coleman Bonanza is the most stylish of the two models and provides a luxurious camping toilet with a dual seat. The other model is the Coleman Comfort Campsite which is also stylish but smaller than the Bonanza. It has a dual seat and is smaller.