What is Wild Camping in England?

What is wild camping? It’s an activity enjoyed by many, both those who are very adventurous and those who just want to go away for a good holiday. Wild camping takes you out of traditional campsite sites and, in effect, lets you take a holiday at sea, on your own land, in a variety of locations. Wild camping is about experiencing wide, open rural areas or cosy, small hideaways, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and away from humans.

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to go on holiday in the wild. Increasingly, people are hiring out camping sites on remote, empty, and unspoilt pieces of private land. The landowner grants permission for access to the land, and an independent camper then parks their motorhomes on the site. They have the benefit of being able to wander around, enjoy the surrounding countryside, and cook their own meals.

Where to Wild Camp in England

There are benefits of wild camping in terms of safety. As a rule, England has some of the best hiking and camping areas in the world. A number of campsites in England also have the facilities and equipment required for a good, healthy backpacking experience. Hikers can explore the awe-inspiring scenery of England’s Peak District National Park. Those who camp in the Scottish Highlands will be amazed at the wild life that they come across and some of the flora and fauna that they can view up close.

England’s landscape is also beautiful. Many campers like to take advantage of the rolling hills that can be found throughout the country. A wild camping holiday in the country provides you with views you would never see from the pavement. You can appreciate the natural wonders of the English countryside every day and even get a taste of a traditional English meal. Some people even make their wild camping trips into a business; they set up an outdoor catering business while they’re on holiday and make a tidy profit in the process.

Another common site for what is wild camping in the United Kingdom is the Scottish countryside. There is an abundance of wild camping spots in the Scottish Highlands. The most popular spot, of course, is the popular campsite of Cardy Campsite. Here, hundreds of adventurous tent campers visit each year. Many of them return year after year to explore the wild camping spots in the highlands.

Of course, England has many famous sites for what is wild camping in other parts of the country. One of the most famous spots is at the Lake District. The Lake District is a place where nature is at its best. A camping trip at the Lake District provides you with views that would normally be impossible to view from the road.

Some areas around England are home to some beautiful wild camping spots, and some camping enthusiasts are keen to use these areas as a means of getting to the wild camping sites of Scotland. Access land wild camping in the Lake District gives access to many famous sites. For example, at Stonehenge, there is an archaeological site which provides evidence of a prehistoric human settlement. This means that all those interested in archeology will have a wonderful excuse to spend a day exploring the Stonehenge sites.

Other popular destinations for what is wild camping in England include, the Cotswolds, and indeed, the entire region of Wales. Wales has some stunning countryside and offers access to some very wild camping areas. It also has a rich tradition of Welsh culture. For people who want to make their camping trip a memorable one, Wales offers some great wild camping grounds. For anyone who wants to travel to the wilds of Europe, or indeed, the wildernesses of Asia and North America, but cannot quite justify a trip to the high mountains, then camping in England may just be what you are looking for.